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Introduction 3

1. The main ecological problems of the world 4

2. Air and water pollution 6

3. Greenhouse effect and the climate warming 10

4. Ecological problems of the lake Baikal and the Aral Sea region 12

5. Solution of ecological problems 19

6. How can a contradiction between the technological progress and ecology be solved? 22

Conclusion. 25

Bibliography 26

We are living in the century of the technological progress trying to open all new and unknown, each day brings us new ideas, each month brings us new technological solutions, people go strait in development new invents and do not look back, do not stop, do not think of the act… All they think about is making their life more convenient for them self. That is why the have forgotten one of the most valuable things- the environment. You see we are living in the symbiosis with nature and we strongly depend on it.

The Earth is the only planet in the solar system where there is life. If you look down at the Earth from a plane you will see how wonderful our planet is. You will see blue seas and oceans, rivers and lakes, high snow-capped mountains, green forests and fields. For centuries man lived in harmony with nature until industrialization brought human society into conflict with the natural environment. Today, the contradictions between man and nature have acquired a dramatic character. With the development of civilization man's interference in nature has increased. Every year the world's industry pollutes the atmosphere with millions of tons of dust and other harmful

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Примечаний нет.

"Момент, когда мы предаемся нашим слабостям, земля меняется" (Емерсон). "Не говори о растраченных чувствах. Чувства никогда не были растрачены" (Лонгфеллоу). ( Контрольная работа, 5 стр. )
. Ann, go to a blackboard, please. Read a text five, please 242 ( Контрольная работа, 7 стр. )
. Australia occupies the eighth place for volume of industrial production 45675874 ( Контрольная работа, 3 стр. )
. Ecological problems of the lake Baikal and the Aral Sea region 532авв ( Контрольная работа, 25 стр. )
. Economists study our everyday life. The economists' studies should be strictly objective and scientific. 44 ( Контрольная работа, 13 стр. )
. Give Russian equivalents for the following 55 ( Контрольная работа, 26 стр. )
. Scientists and engineers have worked out many special devices 7855 ( Контрольная работа, 4 стр. )
. The reactor is fast becoming a major source of heat and electricity кц4422 ( Контрольная работа, 3 стр. )
. We know plastics to be applied to almost every branch of building 7855 ( Контрольная работа, 3 стр. )
. Омонимия существительных в английском языке 69855 ( Контрольная работа, 29 стр. )
. Перепишите и письменно переведите предложения на русский язык. Вставьте нужный артикль: a) a; b) an; c) the; d) - . 5 ( Контрольная работа, 12 стр. )
. Перепишите следующие предложения, определите в каждом из них видо - временную форму и залог глагола-сказуемого. Переведите предложения на русский язык. 68087 ( Контрольная работа, 5 стр. )
. Практическое исследование употребления ономатопеи в английской литературе 65 ( Контрольная работа, 14 стр. )
. Прочитайте и переведите на русский язык 5322422 ( Контрольная работа, 5 стр. )
. Прочитать и перевести диалог "Business talk". 7806 ( Контрольная работа, 5 стр. )
. Прочтите и письменно переведите текст, выполните задания к нему. 353вв ( Контрольная работа, 29 стр. )
. Фразеология английского языка. Особенности перевода фразеологизмов. к24311 ( Контрольная работа, 25 стр. )
1. In the 1898 French educator and thinker … … proposed that the Olympic Games of ancient Greece be revived to promote a more peaceful world. - В 1898 году французский ученый и мыслитель предложил возродить Олимпийские игры Древней Греции, чтобы содейство ( Контрольная работа, 4 стр. )
1. Now a new building of a student hostel is being built not far from the academic building of the university. 33 ( Контрольная работа, 5 стр. )
1. The company was reported to have made a great losses last years 2. The problem to be discussed in details is very important 564 ( Контрольная работа, 9 стр. )
1. These are big companies. 2. Those men are managers. 3. These women are our secretaries. 4. His files are not on my shelves. 5. Where are the children now? к2341 ( Контрольная работа, 5 стр. )
1. These are big companies. 2. Those men are managers. 3. These women are our secretaries. 4. His files are not on my shelves. 5. Where are the children now? нг452342 ( Контрольная работа, 11 стр. )
1. We know steel, stone, concrete, wood and brick to the most commonly used building materials. к24411 ( Контрольная работа, 7 стр. )

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