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The curse of the Kennedy's - curse or coincidence?

The Kennedy family are one of the most famous dynasties in the world/ They have been blessed with everything-money, good looks? Power and fame - but cursed by misfortune.

When Joe Kennedy, father of the president of the USA, was made an ambassador to Britain in 1938? He prophetically remarked of his large family, "My wife and I have given nine hostages to fortune". Like a character from Greek tragedy, he lived to regret his remarks. Two of Joe's hostages were assassinated; two more died in air crashes; the ambitions of a fifth were ended by a death scandal and a sixth was sent to a mental institution.

The assassination of JFK, the most powerful man in the world was the shocking event which brought into the spotlight the fame and misfortune of Kennedy clan. By the time of Kennedy's assassination on November 22 1963? The family had already experienced their fair share of suffering.

In 1944 Joe Junior - the eldest son groomed by his father for the presidency - died in a plane crash while serving in Britain. Four years later Kathleen Kennedy married to a British aristocrat, in another air crash in France, aged 28. Another sister, Rosemary, had already been put in a mental home after a failed lobotomy, ordered by her father himself. In 1963 a few months before the assassination that shook the world, Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, son of John and Jacqueline, died just days after his premature birth.

Tragedy did not end with JFK's assassination. Within 5 years Robert Kennedy was shot and killed in a Los Angeles hotel after winning an important political election, and Edward Kennedy's plans to go into politics ended with Chappquiddick - a car accident where his companion, Mary -Jo Kopechne was killed.

Тру burden of fame and misfortune passed on to the net generation. Their accidents were all self-inflicted. Edward's son Patrick was treated for drug addiction ТВ his nephew, WK Smith, was put on trial for rape. Of Robert's sons, David died in a hotel room of a drug overdose, another was involved in a car accident that left a female passenger paralysed; and Michael was killed playing

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